Policing in Rio impacts Economics ahead of Olympic Preparation

A traveler in Rio sees two police with AR-15 rifles at the entrance to a favela midway between Copacobana and Ipanema, less than a football field from the finest beaches in the world. Yards away, more police stand watch, while up the curving road, street vendors hawk roasted chicken on a stick. The scene isContinue reading “Policing in Rio impacts Economics ahead of Olympic Preparation”

First Reserve Corporation invests $ 500 million in Barra Energia, in Brazil

First Reserve Corporation, an energy industry-focused private equity and infrastructure firm, has backed Brazilian exploration and production company Barra Energia Petróleo e Gás with a $500m investment. First Reserve is an independently owned firm since 1983. The firm has developed a global platform, having invested approximately $12.5 billion in equity. First Reserve has adopted theContinue reading “First Reserve Corporation invests $ 500 million in Barra Energia, in Brazil”

World Urban Forum starts in Rio

This week, Rio is hosting the Fifth World Urban Forum. For a city where the favelas are the dominant urban paradigma, the concept of urbanity is rather ambiguous. That’s the pessimist view. The optimist would say it is an opportunity for the city to rethink its standards. And a reminder to politicians who has forgottenContinue reading “World Urban Forum starts in Rio”