Brazil’s worst natural disaster ever

        These photos of the tragedy that devastated areas of the state of Rio de Janeiro prove that an image can be more valuable than 1000 words. I strongly suggest visiting the website  “The big picture,” to find the following pictures and many other breathtaking proves that reality can be more terrifyingContinue reading “Brazil’s worst natural disaster ever”

Sex Tourism in Brazil

Gringos (Portuguese slang for foreigners) still have strong stereotypes about Brazilian people. The three most common may still be: great footballers, samba dancers, and beautiful women. The average Brazilian is perceived as someone very attractive, easygoing, and who loves to party. In short: friendly people who mix everyday reality with joy. This advertisement by Victoria’s SecretContinue reading “Sex Tourism in Brazil”

Shanty Life in Brazil: Onward and Upward

The Economist’s review of a long-term study of favela residents in Rio de Janeiro points out the social mobility behind the middle class in emerging markets – as well as the risk from the drug trade. “Still, for a while the occupants of the favelas made the best of it, with the determination of peopleContinue reading “Shanty Life in Brazil: Onward and Upward”

The rocky road to Rio: What shippers need to know about doing business in Brazil – DC Velocity

  Brazil one of the world’s few economic bright spots—and a very attractive market for manufacturers, retailers, and the businesses that serve them. That’s why companies from around the globe are moving into Brazil in a big way. But like the manufacturers that rushed into China more than a decade ago, they’re discovering that newContinue reading “The rocky road to Rio: What shippers need to know about doing business in Brazil – DC Velocity”

Rio is the most expensive city in the Americas

Rio de Janeiro ranked 28th among the most expensive cities for foreigners in 2010. In 2009, Rio was ranked 132th in the same study. Quite a change. The study was conducted by ECA INTERNATIONAL, a  British consulting company. All other cities in the Americas  were considered cheaper than Rio. That includes New York City. Furthermore, Rio’s position could haveContinue reading “Rio is the most expensive city in the Americas”