Rio+20 should create “new GDP”?

A study released by UNEP, the United Nations Environment recommends that  Rio +20 should find a new indicator for the welfare of nations other than the Gross Domestic Product, GDP. Rio+20 is the UN conference on sustainable development to be held in June 2012. The study brought together 20 winners of the Blue Planet Prize, known as theContinue reading “Rio+20 should create “new GDP”?”

Collapse(s) in Rio. A sad tradition

This week 3 buildings collapsed in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. So far, 4 people died. 14 are missing. The tragedy could be much worse if it had not happened at 20:40 in the evening. But I can’t help thinking that the real tragedy might rest in the frequency that this kind of accidentsContinue reading “Collapse(s) in Rio. A sad tradition”

Latest stats on Brazilian millionaires

The Latin America Private Banking conference brought  attention to the wealthier individuals in the region and Brazil is the beetle. Forbes highlighted that Brazil makes “19-millionaires-a-day” and the country is seen as a huge opportunity for private banks, although 70% of the country’s wealth is concentrated in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Statistic was measured by taking all ofContinue reading “Latest stats on Brazilian millionaires”

In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology

In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology Transcript GWEN IFILL: Next, we take another look at economic inequality, this time in a developing nation. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how one man is using technology to transform lives in the slums of Brazil. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: Rio de Janeiro’s gleaming skyline befitsContinue reading “In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology”