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The Economist on Brazilian President’s Challenges A moment of truth for Dilma The president needs to do more to tackle the “Brazil cost” Aug 18th 2012 | from the print edition   WRITING about the Brazil of a century ago, Warren Dean, an economic historian, … Continue reading

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The Economist in Brazilian-American relations

Brazilian-American relations One step at a time Two American giants are slowly getting to know each other Apr 14th 2012 | SÃO PAULO | from the print edition   Next time over a caipirinha   TOASTING their president with a caipirinha, their national … Continue reading

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The Economist on Dilma Presidency

Brazilian politics Coming into her own Slowly but surely, the president is making her mark on the government DURING her first year as Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff was careful not to make changes so big that they might be seen … Continue reading

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The Economist on Race in Brazil

Race in Brazil Affirming a divide Black Brazilians are much worse off than they should be. But what is the best way to remedy that?  The shadow of the past IN APRIL 2010, as part of a scheme to beautify … Continue reading

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Dilma Rousseff in The World in 2012, The Economist

The Americas The Brazilian model Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil, argues that her country’s policies have lessons for the wider world Nov 17th 2011 | from The World In 2012 print edition     The world is changing fast. We … Continue reading

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The Economist on The Servant Problem in Brazil now, and historic Britain

Domestic labour The servant problem Britain in the early 20th century and Brazil in the early 21st have in common an issue that infuriates the rich, empowers the poor and delights dramatists Dec 17th 2011 | São Paulo | from … Continue reading

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BRIC predictions score board

Puns and punditry How the BRICs were baked Dec 10th 2011   PEOPLE are bad at judging the speed of large objects, especially those coming towards them. That is one reason why so many Indians die crossing Mumbai’s railway tracks. … Continue reading

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