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Harvard professor and former president Cardoso debate in São Paulo

The theme is hot and always welcomed in Brazil. Political parties, democracy and social policy. Professor Frances Hagopian, visiting  professor for Brazil Studies in the Department of Government at Harvard University will lecture at the Centro Ruth Cardoso in São Paulo, … Continue reading

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Now Everyone Wants to be the “Fifth BRIC”

Last year in a Special Report on Indonesia, The Economist quotes certain investment bank research arguing that Indonesia may be the “fifth BRIC” (BRIIC?). Now, in the latest edition, The Economist notes a source saying that Africa should be the … Continue reading

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Lula among Time magazine most influential personalities list

It is no less than Michael Moore who wrote Lula’s entry in Time’s review of the most influential 100 people. The guy  who has been so critical of American politics in the Bush era thinks Lula represents the new American … Continue reading

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