The world’s biggest economy

The world’s biggest economy The Economist’s coverage of when China will exceed America as the world’s biggest economy reinforces my thesis that emerging markets will grow faster than the S&P 500 on a long-term basis – the question is just whether that event will occur in 2019 or 2022, based upon inputting certain variables. “AndContinue reading “The world’s biggest economy”

Now Everyone Wants to be the “Fifth BRIC”

Last year in a Special Report on Indonesia, The Economist quotes certain investment bank research arguing that Indonesia may be the “fifth BRIC” (BRIIC?). Now, in the latest edition, The Economist notes a source saying that Africa should be the “fifth BRIC.” This little trend should indicate the increase in status of the four BRICContinue reading “Now Everyone Wants to be the “Fifth BRIC””