Newsweek: Americans should learn Portuguese

International press has been paying more attention to Brazil. Newsweek’s latest edition has an article about how Brazilian companies are becoming more international. Banco do Brasil, Marfrig, JBS-Friboi and Petrobras are among Brazilian companies expanding abroad. Bottom line: Americans should learn Portuguese.  We have talked about Brazilian banks “going shopping” abroad in the past. BanksContinue reading “Newsweek: Americans should learn Portuguese”

Flexible economic institutions

Has Brazil created flexible and creative structures to deal with volatile economic cycles? Survival of the quickest Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Frequent crises have made for strong banks and nimble financiers BRAZILIAN businessmen often say that the country’s recent economic past has strengthened companies, and especially banks. The argument goes likeContinue reading “Flexible economic institutions”

Banks for sale: BANCO DO BRASIL acquires bank in Argentina

BANCO DO BRASIL officially announced the acquisition of the sixth largest bank in Argentina, Banco Patagonia. The $480 millions deal was sealed after four months of negotiations.  What does it mean in the strategy of the largest Brazilian bank? Should it reflect a step toward the integration of the Mercosul? With branches in New York,Continue reading “Banks for sale: BANCO DO BRASIL acquires bank in Argentina”