Brazilian’s luxury power

It is probably true that China is the luxury industry’s new El Dorado. But Brazilian millionaires and middle class are busting a market expected to grow 33% in sales in 2011. Traditional fashion icons such as Hermes and Rolls-Royce are setting foot in the tropics. So is Coach, the American shoe, handbag and accessories maker.Continue reading “Brazilian’s luxury power”

A country of “Nouveaux Riches” .. yet Brazil is 3rd income inequality

Luxury items? Doing fine thank you. A recent survey by consulting firm PonteEstratégia revealed that middle class Brazilians(earning R$1,500-R$5,000 per month) spend 30% to 60% of their income on luxury items. On the same note, GFK institute and MCF consultancy announced that the luxury market in Brazil will grow more than the economy as a whole; 23%Continue reading “A country of “Nouveaux Riches” .. yet Brazil is 3rd income inequality”

Louis Vuitton expands in Brazil

Two months after opening its sixth boutique in Brazil, now in the Iguatemi Shopping of Brasilia, the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton plans to expand its store network in the country. LV’s Yves Carcelle told Jornal Valor that they are looking at other cities as well as Sao Paulo and Rio, where they already haveContinue reading “Louis Vuitton expands in Brazil”