Brazilian top university aims international presence

Following the example of other universities around the world, the University of São Paulo (USP) launches an unprecedented program of internationalization. The program, called: “USP International” aims to strengthen the University’s presence abroad with offices in London, Boston and Singapore. Thinking about the future “I think that internationalization is a matter of life or death for theContinue reading “Brazilian top university aims international presence”

Brazil: Embracing Globalization?

Almost ten years ago Laura Alfaro wrote a Harvard Business School case about Brazil’s challenges regarding globalization. I am curious to know what does she make of what has happened so far. Here are her arguments: In 2001, Brazil stands at a crossroads. The country seems to be emerging from decades of economic stagnation. TheContinue reading “Brazil: Embracing Globalization?”

Brazilian companies getting more “global” in February

Brazilian companies appetite for investments abroad is growing again. In February, the Brazilian Central Bank index IBD (Brazilian direct investment) hit US$ 4,2 billions.  With this result, Central Bank has already revised its forecasts for the year; now they expects an annual IBD of US$ 15 billions against its previous forecast of US$ 5 billion. TheContinue reading “Brazilian companies getting more “global” in February”