More Brazilian milionaires

In June, the Boston Consulting Group report announced that Brazil had over 127 thousand millionaires. The last data from ANBIMA shows that it has gone up again. This week the Brazilian Association of Entities in the Financial and Capital Markets (Anbima) has estimated that Brazil has around 150 thousand people with more than R$million in financialContinue reading “More Brazilian milionaires”

Private banking industry in Brazil up 15,9% this year

The private banking industry in Brazil turned R $ 337 billion by September this year, up 15.9% from R $ 290.5 billion computed by December 2009. This amount is divided by 62,700 wealthy customers. The funds are the preferred choice for investors with 42% of total volume, followed by fixed income assets with 34% variable income assetsContinue reading “Private banking industry in Brazil up 15,9% this year”