“Go east, young moneyman!”

The economist published an article entitled Go east, young moneyman. Following is the opening paragraph: « “A LOT of my friends are going to Asia and Latin America to do their internships,” says Ben Zhang, a student at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business who will do his in Hong Kong with Morgan Stanley.Continue reading ““Go east, young moneyman!””

Citywire analysis: Brazil is now top pick for EM managers

British magazine Citywire runs frequent ranking for investments in Europe. An analysis announced today shows that Brazil is now the top pick for top performing asset managers in emerging markets. “For half of the top ten best performing managers in emerging markets over the last five years, Brazil represents either their top country exposure or a biggerContinue reading “Citywire analysis: Brazil is now top pick for EM managers”

Brazil’s Election

The Economist’s coverage of the Rouseff-Serra election indicates some of the electoral fault lines within this major BRIC country. “That voters who turned away from Ms Rousseff chose Ms Silva is bad news for Mr Serra’s centrist Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB). He failed to attract either young voters with no memories of theContinue reading “Brazil’s Election”

The Washington Post says “JBS dominates world beef industry from farm to fork”

Quite interesting to see a prestigious newspaper such as the Washington Post to dedicate an extensive article to Brazilian company JBS. It starts like this.. ” The founder, who began by slaughtering one or two head a day in 1953, raises calves far in the countryside. Six of his children are in JBS’s management. And ranchersContinue reading “The Washington Post says “JBS dominates world beef industry from farm to fork””