Euro area tire maker benefits from increased Brazilian sales

The Economist reports on a Euro area tire maker that benefits from increased sales in emerging markets, in particular, Brazil: “Pirelli reckons its narrower focus on tyres, especially premium ones, will prove an advantage as it expands in emerging markets. Half of its business is already in the emerging world—“more than any other of theContinue reading “Euro area tire maker benefits from increased Brazilian sales”

Latin America: Societies on the Move

The Economist’s coverage of the Latin American middle class emphasizes that the continued expansion requires better schools. ““Middle class” is a slippery concept. What is clear is that Latin American societies are changing rapidly in response to urbanisation, democracy, economic reform and globalisation. Poverty has declined almost everywhere. Just as important, income distribution has beenContinue reading “Latin America: Societies on the Move”

Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth

Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth For a variety of reasons outlined by The Economist, liquidity looks set to continue to flow towards Brazil. “She has said she wants real interest rates, currently higher than those in any other big economy, to fall from 5% to 2% by 2014. But inflation crept upContinue reading “Brazil’s New President – Coming Down to Earth”

Latin America: Democracy, Latino-Style

Brazil reacted negatively to a military coup in Honduras, which is re-assuring to Brazil watchers who would like the Latin American democracy to avoid slipping backwards towards a military dictatorship. “EARLY in the morning on June 28th 2009 a group of soldiers barged into the official residence of Honduras’s president and bundled its occupant, ManuelContinue reading “Latin America: Democracy, Latino-Style”

Science in Brazil: Are the Brazilians in Paris the real South Americans?

Hemingway wrote in The Sun Also Rises: “You can see all the South Americans you want in Paris… They’re not the real South Americans.” The Economist enters the classic dialogue in a piece on science education in Brazil: “POPULAR with foreigners looking for sun, sea and samba, Brazil wants to turn itself into a hotContinue reading “Science in Brazil: Are the Brazilians in Paris the real South Americans?”