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There has been some commentary on my blogging which leads me to re-consider whether I should participate in this forum at all. Some of the comments lately have been anti-American, and even ad hominem. I do not market through this … Continue reading

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Private Equity 3i Group announces Brazilian office

3i Group, an international investor focused on Private Equity, Infrastructure and Debt Management,  announced it has appointed Marcelo Di Lorenzo, previously of Standard Bank Private Equity, to head its newly-established office and team in Brazil. 3i around the world 3i … Continue reading

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Latest on Clean Energy: China and Brazil raise investment as developed countries retreat

After a sharp rise in 2010, cut in European incentives made new investment in renewable energy drop in 1 quarter of 2011 (1Q2011) to the lowest in a first quarter since 2009, according to  the London-based researcher, Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Comparing … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro as main travel destination for New Yorkers

This erratic blogger is now in New York City. I am representing ESCP Europe at the headquarters of the United Nations. I lived here, a city some call the capital of the world, for 3 years during my undergraduate studies. Back … Continue reading

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Business at the BRIC Summit in China

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is in China attending the BRIC Summit. Reassuring investment in Brazil In a speech during the World Economic Forum in Boao, China, the president Rousseff highlighted the benefits of investing in Brazil. For her, the country is the … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Electoral Laws

The Economist’s coverage of Brazilian election laws praised the speed of the announced results, but also noted continuing problems with corruption, which appear to be improving with time. “THE whizzy electronic ballot boxes that Brazil uses for elections meant that … Continue reading

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Brazil buying Brazil- some insights from the KPMG report

KPMG released its latest report on M&A in Brazil. The trend in the first quarter was the best in the country for the period when 167 transactions were recorded. The number is 4% higher than the same period of 2010. Brazilian … Continue reading

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