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More Quantitative Easing 2 Impact

This from The Economist’s Buttonwood, economics column, dated 1 January, 2011; the excellent column makes the bearish case for 2011, the good mood ending 2010 notwithstanding. “It seems certain that the Federal Reserve will continue to accompany fiscal stimulus with … Continue reading

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French multinational Rexel acquires Brazil’s Nortel Suprimentos Industriais SA | Invest in Brazil

From Invest in Brazil: French multinational firm Rexel has acquired Brazil’s Nortel Suprimentos Industriais SA, a key player in the distribution of electrical and industrial equipment in Brazil. Rexel is a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies. The … Continue reading

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BRIEFING: Brazil’s presidential election Lula’s legacy

In reviewing Lula’s tenure as President, The Economist gives a nice summary of the advancement and status of Brazil over the past several years. “Instead, Brazilians are revelling in a golden moment. A country that used to fall over whenever … Continue reading

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Another view of the World Social Forum 2011

I am working in Dakar. Incidentally, the World Social Forum took place here in the capital of Senegal. The kick off was a speech by Evo Morales on Sunday February 6th. The World Social Forum is not an organisation, not … Continue reading

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Brazilian bakeries are hiring

Labor market overheating is felt in the bakery business and there are now over 25 thousand job openings waiting to be filled. According to the Brazilian Association of the Bakery Industry (Abip), the sector has grown around 10% per year in … Continue reading

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