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Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro, November 2010 fighting

Excellent reporting from The Economist Time’s up Nov 28th 2010, 19:06 by H.J. | RIO DE JANEIRO ONE WEEK after drug dealers and gangsters started a campaign of arson and robbery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian security forces have entered … Continue reading

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Rio to host international investment event next month

Exploring business opportunities in Brazil is a good excuse to go to Rio next month for the Rio Investment 2011. Investors from all over the world are expected in Rio from March 22-24 for Rio Investment 2011. A meeting place for … Continue reading

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The global economy How to stop a currency war

Mr. Mantega of Brazil in late September referred to “currency wars.” “IN RECENT weeks the world economy has been on a war footing, at least rhetorically. Ever since Brazil’s finance minister, Guido Mantega, declared on September 27th that an “international … Continue reading

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Harvard president to visit Brazil in March

Drew Gilpin Faust,  the first woman to serve as Harvard’s president, will meet members of Harvard’s community in São Paulo on March 23 and in Rio de Janeiro on March 25. Questions? Please contact or Samuel Elia AB ’04 at

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Shell + Cosan = Raizen

  Energy giant  Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan, the largest ethanol producer, are now united under the brand Raizen. In January the European Commission gave its blessing to the deal. The company starts with assets of $ 20 billion and estimated revenue … Continue reading

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More Quantitative Easing 2 Impact

This from The Economist’s Buttonwood, economics column, dated 1 January, 2011; the excellent column makes the bearish case for 2011, the good mood ending 2010 notwithstanding. “It seems certain that the Federal Reserve will continue to accompany fiscal stimulus with … Continue reading

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French multinational Rexel acquires Brazil’s Nortel Suprimentos Industriais SA | Invest in Brazil

From Invest in Brazil: French multinational firm Rexel has acquired Brazil’s Nortel Suprimentos Industriais SA, a key player in the distribution of electrical and industrial equipment in Brazil. Rexel is a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies. The … Continue reading

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