And Villa-Lobos is back in Paris

The Chatelet Theater in ParisĀ  presents the second lyrical work of Heitor Villa-Lobos, Magdalena.The piece refers to the cultural mix of South America. The plot involves the mixture between traditional Indian culture imported by European settlers. The composer came to Paris for the first time in 1923, under the influence of Artur Rubinstein. He stayedContinue reading “And Villa-Lobos is back in Paris”

Brazilian movie “Estomago” is the cover of Pariscope

What Brazilian would miss this opportunity? On the day when the Cannes Festival opens, the Parisian weekly “Le Pariscope” has a Brazilian movie in evidence. And let’s not forget that today is the premiere of “Robin Hood” as well. What role culture plays as an intangible asset for nations? How is Brazil doing in usingContinue reading “Brazilian movie “Estomago” is the cover of Pariscope”