Investing in Brazilian Healthcare is theme of event in New York

 Infocast will premiere their Investing in Brazilian Healthcare Summit from November 15 – 16, 2011 at the Concierge Conference Center in New York, NY. The summit promises an in-depth examination of the most active and lucrative healthcare sectors in Brazil, including the pharmaceutical, hospital, health insurance, clinical laboratory, medical equipment and drugstore sectors. The market BrazilContinue reading “Investing in Brazilian Healthcare is theme of event in New York”

Healthcare consulting firm expands to Brazil

Healthcare-focused marketing consultancy, Kantar Health, announced the expansion of the National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) database in Brazil. NHWS is the largest international self-reported patient database in the healthcare industry. “Brazil has the largest economy and population in Latin America, making it an attractive growth opportunity for pharmaceutical companies,” sayshar Dave Pomerantz, Senior Vice President ofContinue reading “Healthcare consulting firm expands to Brazil”