Looking for Brazilian technology start-ups

Good news for Brazilian start-ups interested in expanding abroad with scalable solutions. In a partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Apex-Brasil, 7 Brazilian startups will be selected to participate in some of the world’s major technology events in the cities of Dubai, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon and the Viva Technology 2020, Europes largest technologyContinue reading “Looking for Brazilian technology start-ups”

Brazil’s presidential campaign is theme for an article of the Economist

Brazil’s presidential campaign Falling in love again with the state Mar 31st 2010 | SÃO PAULO From The Economist print edition Just rhetoric, or is the government learning the wrong lessons from the country’s economic rebound? WITH each new figure it becomes clearer that Brazil’s brief recession of 2009 was a fall onto a trampoline.Continue reading “Brazil’s presidential campaign is theme for an article of the Economist”