Rio de Janeiro as main travel destination for New Yorkers

This erratic blogger is now in New York City. I am representing ESCP Europe at the headquarters of the United Nations. I lived here, a city some call the capital of the world, for 3 years during my undergraduate studies. Back in the days, when I mentioned to new acquaintances that I am Brazilian I usedContinue reading “Rio de Janeiro as main travel destination for New Yorkers”

Meeting the Danish minister of foreign affairs in Sao Paulo

Last Wednesday afternoon, I was walking down street Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo’s Champs Elysee, when I saw 2 police cars and 6 body guards in front of Nike Store. I couldn’t stop my curious mind, I had to find out what was going on. My first guess was that the place had been robbed. TheContinue reading “Meeting the Danish minister of foreign affairs in Sao Paulo”

Meeting the blogger in Sao Paulo

I am in Sao Paulo for vacation. I will be here for two weeks, until the 8th of April. It would be a pleasure to meet some followers of our blog here in Sao Paulo. Let’s have lunch together ? I am organizing a meeting with the British blogger Robert Dwek, who writes for DigitalContinue reading “Meeting the blogger in Sao Paulo”

The Chinese Empire Strikes

Democracy is, undisputedly, the hottest topic of the first quarter of 2011. The second most discussed issue has definitively been China. With a GDP of US$ 6 trillion, it officially became the world’s second largest economy. Personally, I don’t consider China like “Japan from the 80’s” as some argue. I believe my kids will speakContinue reading “The Chinese Empire Strikes”

The “Petrobras hidden tax ”

“I believe in a certain period of the history of Brazil there will be direct elections for Petrobras’ president, and this person will nominate the president of the republic.” This speech was how Lula expressed his hopes about Petrobras right after the discovery of the pre-salt oil in the Brazilian coast. The optimism of the former president of theContinue reading “The “Petrobras hidden tax ””