Robert (Bob) Kennedy at the Catholic (Jesuit) University of Rio de Janeiro I’ve posted the pictures of Robert (Bob) Kennedy in his appearance at the Catholic Jesuit University (PUC-Rio.Br) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was suggested to me by a friend and diplomat, Kevin, at the local US Consulate. He also directed me to a useful MOOC,, which I aspire to use as aContinue reading “Robert (Bob) Kennedy at the Catholic (Jesuit) University of Rio de Janeiro” on Telenovelas

This article in the books and arts section covers telenovelas, which were interrupted by the recent pandemic. This genre is a great contribution to world culture, and reflects the Portuguese history and culture. This is a link to the full article. Sealed without a kiss Brazil’s beloved telenovelas have sputtered to a halt WhenContinue reading “ on Telenovelas”

Bolsonaro in covid?

The economist covers president Bolsonaro. I am interested for feedback?   Bello Jair Bolsonaro isolates himself, in the wrong way The Brazilian president’s reckless handling of covid-19 will come back to haunt him The AmericasApr 11th 2020 edition Apr 11th 2020 Editor’s note: The Economist is making some of its most important coverage of the covid-19Continue reading “Bolsonaro in covid?”

The contradictions of Brazil’s foreign policy

  This piece from the economist caught my eye… “The values Rio Branco espoused—peace, moderation, trust in international law, non-intervention and what would now be called the pursuit of soft power—became integral to Brazil’s idea of itself, Mr Ricupero argues. And Itamaraty, as the foreign ministry is known (from the palace in Rio de JaneiroContinue reading “The contradictions of Brazil’s foreign policy”