Will Tightening cause a multi-speed recovery?

This article raises an interesting question: If monetary tightening starts in the US, will the US stock market drop while emerging markets continue upwards in a “multi-speed” recovery? The outlook for the world economy Curb your enthusiasm Apr 22nd 2010 From The Economist print edition A welcome recovery—but an uneven one, with dangers both forContinue reading “Will Tightening cause a multi-speed recovery?”

Ferguson, Complexity and Collapse

There may be very significant changes in long-standing power relationships which can occur quickly. Niall Ferguson, a Harvard Professor, addresses this issue in the latest issue of Foreign Affairs. He makes reference to a book, The Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb, who correctly predicted the financial crash of late 2008. This would have impact onContinue reading “Ferguson, Complexity and Collapse”