Bringing together Latin America and Central Europe: takes from day one

The idea of bringing together companies from two very different regions is either right and tricky. Right because the Latin American market is large and needy and the Central and Eastern Europe companies have a lot to offer, mainly in the technology related sectors. Tricky for the magnitude of the task. This is day one. Let’s see how it will turn out.

Headquarters of WKO in Vienna

Regulation as Driver of Innovation

Markus Stock stressed the standards for a product to be market in the EU. Safety is a basic requirement. CE marked products are not exclusive of the EU based companies. EU has agreements with the US, Canada and Switzerland but not with any country in LA. If a  LA company wants to sell in EU it needs to be certified by a third party check (NANDO). There are none in LA.

Innovation, the Mexican style

Mr. Antonio Cruz from Mexican Kurago Biotek presented opportunities in the health and food industry in Mexico. He says his product beats Danone, Nestle and Yakult. He has cooperation with universities in Mexico. His company is looking for strategic alliances with CEE.

The day ended with a reception attended by diplomatic authorities of Mexico and Peru. Peruvian food, Corona beer and mariachi music.

My photos of the event are at flirck.

Published by Hildete Vodopives

Hildete de Moraes Vodopives is founder of Brazil Global and of the Harvard Strategists Group. She has a PhD in Economic History and advises companies and investment agencies in international business development.She served as Corporate Relations Director and later, on the board of the Brazilian Investment Analysts Association (APIMEC).

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