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Myths about Brazil revisited by King’s College scholar Anthony Pereira

The less you know Brazil the more you might be susceptible to embracing myths like: it is the country of football, samba, mulatas.. and so on. If any case, I recommend reading CNN’s special article written by King’s College Brazil Institute … Continue reading

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The Economist on Brazil: Futbol, Art, etc

Scanning The Economist newspaper weekly for articles relating to Latin America is one barometer of how the English speaking financial world views Brazil, Mexico, and the other major economies Central and South America. Of particular interest this tidbit, from the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the D Day celebrations and Portinari’s War and Peace at the Grand Palais

Brazilians didn’t have much to do with the Second World War but here in Paris it is hard to forget the date. Celebrations are extensive. Tv and local newspapers have a huge coverage of the event and of course, the odd … Continue reading

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“Welcome to the dump that is Rio,” Germany’s Sailing Team RIO DE JANEIRO — Nico Delle Karth, an Austrian sailor preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics, said it was the foulest place he had ever trained. Garbage bobbed on the surface, everything from car tires to floating mattresses. The … Continue reading

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