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The Economist – Cheering for Argentina, Protest in Brazil

As always, in King’s English, The Economist newspaper simplifies and exaggerates. My question, writing from Rio Grande do Sul — Is RJ (Rio de Janeiro state) affected differently than other Brazilian states like SC (Santa Catarina) and RS (Rio Grande … Continue reading

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Itau’s econometric model on the FIFA World Cup

Serious economists don’t think exclusively about money and business.. they also use their skills and knowledge to fun stuff as answering the question: what team has more chances to win the FIFA World Cup. Itau’s team of economists created a … Continue reading

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Olympic Committee – move the games from Rio altogether? BELEK, Turkey (AP) — With sports federations demanding a “Plan B” because of the chronic delays in Rio de Janeiro, the International Olympic Committee said Wednesday it was “premature” to speculate about taking the 2016 Games away from … Continue reading

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The Economist – Brazil has already scored an Own Goal in the World Cup

The World Cup Pitch imperfect They think it’s all over budget May 17th 2014 | São Paulo | From the print edition Down to the finishing touches FOOTBALL’S World Cup was meant to display Brazil’s coming-of-age as a global player. Instead, the preparations have … Continue reading

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The Economist – THE 50-YEAR SNOOZE – Brazil adds up to a short investment thesis

Brazil’s economy The 50-year snooze Brazilian workers are gloriously unproductive. For the economy to grow, they must snap out of their stupor   PECKISH revellers at Lollapalooza, a big music festival in São Paulo earlier this month, were in for … Continue reading

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