Rio Security: Call it Operation Iraq?

Some private equity investors at Stanford would like me and another Stanford graduate to help them with security issues in Brazil. Like many people around the world, their views of Brazil are influenced by films like Tropa de Elite 2.  In Tropa de Elite 2, when the invasion of the Tanque favela fails to findContinue reading “Rio Security: Call it Operation Iraq?”

Brazilian post office – ECT, opens first international unit in Miami

Brazilian Post Office – ECT announces its internationalization.  The goal is to  support micro and small Brazilians entrepreneurs in exporting. ECT also aims to support the Brazilian citizens who are abroad. Miami first ECT’s first postal code in the United States will be in Miami, Florida. The city is a traditional destination for Brazilians. The unitContinue reading “Brazilian post office – ECT, opens first international unit in Miami”

Politics in Brazil Early kick-off: Is Dilma the same as Lula?

Politics in Brazil Early kick-off From The Economist   The 2014 presidential campaign gets under way Feb 23rd 2013 | SÃO PAULO |From the print edition A CAMPAIGN that officially lasts just three months should mean that Brazil’s next presidential election, due in October 2014, feels far away. In fact it seems almost imminent. On February 16th MarinaContinue reading “Politics in Brazil Early kick-off: Is Dilma the same as Lula?”

SmartGRID Energy + Brazil Security

Here in United States, I am working on a private equity project involving SmartGRID. My clients want to know whether Brazil has “world class security”? For example, can Brazilian police use video evidence? In the 2009-2012 English preparation for the Olympics, The British implemented more widespread video evidence use. Can Brazilian UPP cops in RioContinue reading “SmartGRID Energy + Brazil Security”