Collapse(s) in Rio. A sad tradition

This week 3 buildings collapsed in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. So far, 4 people died. 14 are missing. The tragedy could be much worse if it had not happened at 20:40 in the evening. But I can’t help thinking that the real tragedy might rest in the frequency that this kind of accidentsContinue reading “Collapse(s) in Rio. A sad tradition”

Good news on the internationalization of Brazilian pharmaceutical

A partnership between the Brazilian Association of Pharma Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Raw Material (Abiquif) and Apex-Brazil plans to advance the internationalization of the industry and increase exports of their products. The plan is to invest over three million dollars in promotion abroad during 2012. The agenda includes going to international fairs, business meetings and businessContinue reading “Good news on the internationalization of Brazilian pharmaceutical”

Colombian equity fund getting to Europe. A lesson to Brazilians

Citywire today brings the news that Colombian asset manager Bolsa y Renta (ByR), has brought its “flagship domestic equity offering” to Europe in response to growing demand among institutional investors for local country specialists. The group says it is the first to offer singular access to Latin America’s fourth largest economy in Ucits form. Now, I wonder: Colombians did aContinue reading “Colombian equity fund getting to Europe. A lesson to Brazilians”

Brazil Global’s top posts of 2011

Thanks to our readers and contributors, we have grown in size and depth of discussion. A blog is hard work and we’d like to share our stats with you. Here are our top posts and pages of the year. Title Views Home page 17,148 Sex Tourism in Brazil 2,123 About us 1,570 Shell + Cosan = RaizenContinue reading “Brazil Global’s top posts of 2011”