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Politics in Brazil

Politics in Brazil Cleaning the Brasília pork factory In a never-ending telenovela of sleaze, Dilma Rousseff is tackling the excesses of patronage politics but not yet the underlying system Nov 26th 2011 | SÃO PAULO | from the print edition     … Continue reading

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In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology

In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology Transcript GWEN IFILL: Next, we take another look at economic inequality, this time in a developing nation. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how one man is using technology to transform … Continue reading

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Insights from a success story of internationalization of a Brazilian consulting firm: MZ consult

While Brazilian agriculture, planes and commodities thrive in  international trade balance,  the services account is losing ground as it represents only 13% of exports. Why is that? I got some interesting insights from MZ Consult case, a Brazilian company doing well … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Oil Boom

from The Economist, 5 November Filling up the future Its remarkable offshore oil bonanza could do Brazil a lot of good. But getting the most out of it will not be easy Nov 5th 2011 GEOLOGICAL structures of vast antiquity … Continue reading

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Standard and Poor’s upgrads Brazil

Standard and Poor’s upgraded Brazil’s rating as an acknowledgment of the commitment to “meeting fiscal targets”. Brazil’s long-term ratings are now:BBB (sovereign) and A- (local currency).According to  ITAU UNIBANCO, “moving further up would require “vigorous” reforms.” S&P remarked remaining risks: “poor inflation control, fiscal largesse, … Continue reading

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