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Politics in Brazil

Politics in Brazil Cleaning the Brasília pork factory In a never-ending telenovela of sleaze, Dilma Rousseff is tackling the excesses of patronage politics but not yet the underlying system Nov 26th 2011 | SÃO PAULO | from the print edition     … Continue reading

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In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology

In Brazil’s Slums, Economic Inequality Tackled With Technology Transcript GWEN IFILL: Next, we take another look at economic inequality, this time in a developing nation. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on how one man is using technology to transform … Continue reading

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Insights from a success story of internationalization of a Brazilian consulting firm: MZ consult

While Brazilian agriculture, planes and commodities thrive in  international trade balance,  the services account is losing ground as it represents only 13% of exports. Why is that? I got some interesting insights from MZ Consult case, a Brazilian company doing well … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Oil Boom

from The Economist, 5 November Filling up the future Its remarkable offshore oil bonanza could do Brazil a lot of good. But getting the most out of it will not be easy Nov 5th 2011 GEOLOGICAL structures of vast antiquity … Continue reading

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Standard and Poor’s upgrads Brazil

Standard and Poor’s upgraded Brazil’s rating as an acknowledgment of the commitment to “meeting fiscal targets”. Brazil’s long-term ratings are now:BBB (sovereign) and A- (local currency).According to  ITAU UNIBANCO, “moving further up would require “vigorous” reforms.” S&P remarked remaining risks: “poor inflation control, fiscal largesse, … Continue reading

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Brazilian’s luxury power

It is probably true that China is the luxury industry’s new El Dorado. But Brazilian millionaires and middle class are busting a market expected to grow 33% in sales in 2011. Traditional fashion icons such as Hermes and Rolls-Royce are … Continue reading

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Startup Weekend: Backed by Google and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Is it possible to launch a successful startup from scratch in only 54 hours? With the logo, “no talk, all action” Startup Weekend events bring entrepreneurs and supporters together and teaches them how to share ideas, form teams, build products … Continue reading

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