The Washington Post says “JBS dominates world beef industry from farm to fork”

Quite interesting to see a prestigious newspaper such as the Washington Post to dedicate an extensive article to Brazilian company JBS. It starts like this.. ” The founder, who began by slaughtering one or two head a day in 1953, raises calves far in the countryside. Six of his children are in JBS’s management. And ranchersContinue reading “The Washington Post says “JBS dominates world beef industry from farm to fork””

Thank you Janar

I’d like to thank my fellow blogger Janar Wasito for his contribution to Brazil Global. When I first started this blog, I was writing my thesis about the internationalization of Vale, the mining company and wanted to ruminate about everything related to Brazil in the global environment. Janar accepted my invitation to share his foreigner view.Continue reading “Thank you Janar”

Being Brazilian cool: the Havaianas style

Not many Brazilian brands have succeeded internationally. We are still learning how to market our style and values internationally. In this context (and as an Eastern token for our readers) Havaianas stand as an interesting case. An everyday shoe turned into fashion When I was a child we wore it at home, or to goContinue reading “Being Brazilian cool: the Havaianas style”