Quantitative Easing

In a survey of the global monetary system, The Economist notes that the increased taxes that Brazil and other emerging states have used to slow capital inflows have been endorsed by the IMF (International Monetary Fund). “For the past decade emerging economies have responded to these surges largely by amassing reserves. They need other options.Continue reading “Quantitative Easing”

Meeting the blogger in Sao Paulo

I am in Sao Paulo for vacation. I will be here for two weeks, until the 8th of April. It would be a pleasure to meet some followers of our blog here in Sao Paulo. Let’s have lunch together ? I am organizing a meeting with the British blogger Robert Dwek, who writes for DigitalContinue reading “Meeting the blogger in Sao Paulo”

Brazilian fruit at Gulfood 2011: a 226% increase in sales

Project “Brazilian Fruit” exceeded a lot the expectations for Gulfood 2011. Businesses were closed on the order of $ 7.5 million in the event, which represented an increase of 226% compared to last year. The number of contacts also increased about 40%, both in the booth visitations and contacts made. The organization’s estimate is that over the nextContinue reading “Brazilian fruit at Gulfood 2011: a 226% increase in sales”

Sustainability Forum begins today in the Amazon

The 2nd INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON SUSTAINABILITY starts today  in Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, Brazil. The debate around economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Amazon and the planet will be attended by former US President Bill Clinton, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and filmmaker James Cameron as well as 600 business, political and environmental leaders from Brazil and around the world.Continue reading “Sustainability Forum begins today in the Amazon”

Brazil Takes Off

In late 2009, The Economist covered Brazil in an leader and special report which contrasted the country with fellow BRIC countries, but warned that the biggest risk may be hubris. “WHEN, back in 2001, economists at Goldman Sachs bracketed Brazil with Russia, India and China as the economies that would come to dominate the world,Continue reading “Brazil Takes Off”