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Our expiring commercial treaty with the Brazils

My co-blogger, Hildete, wonders why sometimes I post items from a past date, such as the piece on Dilma and her opponent. To which I say, why the rush? This just in, from The Economist website: from the start of … Continue reading

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Brazil’s presidential election Second round, second thoughts?

The Economist’s endorsement of (eventual loser) Mr. Serra in the Presidential election highlights some issues worth watching in the new Rousseff administration. “Mr Serra also has faults, notably a worrying tendency to try to micromanage everything. But his record suggests … Continue reading

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Sex Tourism in Brazil

Gringos (Portuguese slang for foreigners) still have strong stereotypes about Brazilian people. The three most common may still be: great footballers, samba dancers, and beautiful women. The average Brazilian is perceived as someone very attractive, easygoing, and who loves to … Continue reading

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Banco do Brasil expands in the US and Africa

Bank of Brazil announced  this week the purchase of a bank in Miami, USA and signing a joint venture with Portuguese bank Espirito Santo and Brazilian rival Bradesco. The acquisitions are part of the internationalization strategy of Brazil biggest public bank, , which includes Latin … Continue reading

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2011 in person: Dilma Rousseff

The Economist’s 2011 prospective edition covers new Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff — Like a relay runner receiving the baton yards ahead of her nearest rival, Dilma Rousseff assumes the Brazilian presidency at the head of the strongest government in years, … Continue reading

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