Please welcome: EBX International, the latest Brazilian multinational

The Rio based EBX Group is planning to strengthen its presence outside Brazil and announced the openning of an office in New York to host EBX International. According to Eike Batista, chairman of the group: “with the creation of EBX and the International office opening in New York, let’s get even closer to global investors. We areContinue reading “Please welcome: EBX International, the latest Brazilian multinational”

Our expiring commercial treaty with the Brazils

My co-blogger, Hildete, wonders why sometimes I post items from a past date, such as the piece on Dilma and her opponent. To which I say, why the rush? This just in, from The Economist website: from the start of the British newspaper, the Brazils were on top of the index. Our expiring commercial treatyContinue reading “Our expiring commercial treaty with the Brazils”