Brazil’s New President Settles In

The Economist’s review of the new Rousseff administration raises questions about the South American giant. “Ms Rousseff is to keep as finance minister Guido Mantega, who has been in the post since 2006. He is from the PT’s “developmentalist” wing, which sees a big role for state-owned companies and government intervention. During the credit crunchContinue reading “Brazil’s New President Settles In”

The Economist on Complexo do Alemao, RJ

The Economist’s coverage of Complexo do Alemao comes after two earlier pieces in 2010 on Brazilian peace-keeping. The fighting in Alemao would be familiar to US Marines who served in Ramadi or other places in Al Anbar, Iraq, or in Helmand, Afghanistan. The parallels between what the Americans call COIN (short for counterinsurgency) and theContinue reading “The Economist on Complexo do Alemao, RJ”