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Brazil Global highlights for 2010

As we hear the fireworks to celebrate the New Year tonight, Brazilians experience a feeling of optimism and accomplishment. Brazilian economy and self-esteem are up. Brazil became more global this year and this has a lot to do with the … Continue reading

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Business and Bureaucracy

In an article on Business and Bureaucracy, The Economist notes the roadblocks that corruption puts in the way of innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. “In Mexico, the proliferation of trámites, as pettifogging rules and paperwork are collectively known, has spawned a … Continue reading

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Brazil´s Foreign Policy

Under the leadership of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazil opened 62 diplomatic and consular representations around the world – another 17 are in the process of opening. The country currently has 212 posts. Many of them have no … Continue reading

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How currencies will affect M&A in coming years?

Recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that stronger regional currencies may drive cross-boarder M&A deals. Emerging countries will play a key role as buyers. Some Brazilian companies as Gerdau, Vale and JBS are already recognized consolidators in their … Continue reading

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Globalization- Measures of Hope parallel economic measures

Globalization- Measures of Hope parallel economic measures predicting relative outperformance of emerging markets over Western, American S&P 500 in long run The Economist points out that there are subjective, human factors which accompany my thesis that liquidity will flow to … Continue reading

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