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Brazil in The Economist: BRICs v Facebook; Real 31% overvalued per Big Mac Index; Samba Hackers

The Economist writes about Facebook going over 500 million users, comparing the social network to states like Brazil, India, China and the United States. Viewed this way, Brazil is still bigger than Twitter, but smaller than Facebook or Myspace. But, … Continue reading

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How is Brazil, the brand, doing?

How is Brazil, the brand, doing? The economy is doing well, international magazines such as The Economist, The Wall Street Journal have dedicated a lot of space to Brazil. But is the brand Brazil a positive one? Does it attract … Continue reading

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Google declares Brazilians World’s Best Soccer Fans

Google declares Brazilians world’s best soccer fans based on hard data. On June 15, as Brazil played its first game against North Korea, the volume of queries from Brazil, shown using a red line, plummeted when the match began, spiked … Continue reading

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Brazilian Diplomacy through Currency

Brazil uses an abundance of currency for diplomatic leverage. Read the full article, here. Brazil’s foreign-aid programme Speak softly and carry a blank cheque In search of soft power, Brazil is turning itself into one of the world’s biggest aid … Continue reading

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Stock exchanges of São Paulo and Hong Kong will work together in 2012

Brazilian and Hong Kong companies may be able to list shares on each others’ local exchanges from January 2012, Brazilian newspaper  Journal Valor reported on July 12th. Brazilian and Asian bourses are working together to create “two centers of liquidity simultaneously,” said the BM … Continue reading

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