Brazilian Multinational Vale deal with Norway

This article highlights the role of Brazilian multinational firms in global transactions. An acquisition in aluminium Vale of the trolls May 6th 2010 From The Economist print edition A deal with Norway marks a change of course for a Brazilian mining giant NOTEWORTHY encounters between Brazil and Norway are rare. Norwegians could point to theirContinue reading “Brazilian Multinational Vale deal with Norway”

Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?

Jokes apart, Brazil and Portugal have a lot in common. Same language, and a cultural heritage are key elements in construction a business relationship. ┬áPortugal could play a strategic part in the expansion of Brazilian companies, specially in Europe. Portuguese Prime Minister visits Brazil In a recent interview in Sao Paulo, the Portuguese Prime Minister┬áJoseContinue reading “Could Portugal be a gateway to Europe for Brazilian companies?”