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UN Security Council Resolution on Iran… a negative view of Brazilian diplomacy

I tend to agree with the view of Brazilian diplomacy in the Iranian situation, below. The writer is a prominent political scientist expressing his views in an influential Washington, DC, newspaper. The view of Brazilian diplomacy is critical. He says … Continue reading

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From TechCrunch… Groupon’s Brazilian Site ClubeUrbano Loaded With Fake Deals

This article about a technology firm moving into Brazil may show the risk of expanding too quickly. We saw this kind of fraud in stories during the “tech bubble” in the United States in the late 1990s. Link to article: … Continue reading

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Bradesco launches new fund in Japan

Billionaire Japanese market appears to be a very promising field for the resource managers in Brazil. The latest move is the Bradesco Asset Management (Bram), which launches this week a portfolio of Brazilian equities smaller (small caps) for the Japanese retail. … Continue reading

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Best Technology Blogs in the United States

A few weeks ago, my partner in this blog posted a note about possible technology venture investing in Brazil. This is something I know something about since I was a graduate student at Stanford during 1997 to 2000 (roughly the … Continue reading

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CNN Zakaria: US in danger of falling behind… Brazil

I found the following quotation from one of the panelists on Zakaria’s CNN Sunday Show interesting. The transcript is here. The panelists is saying that the United States needs to invest more in Research and Development so that America will … Continue reading

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