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Brazil as mediator: Everyone wants to go to Rio

This is from a organization, the National Intelligence Council, tasked with official future scenario creation for US intelligence agencies. One of the scenarios has Brazil playing a role as a mediator between the so-called BRIC countries.

BRIC Bust Up Scenario from National Intelligence Council 2025 Review
Global Scenario III: BRICs’ Bust-Up
In this fictionalized scenario, Chinese fears of
disruption of China’s energy supplies spark a
clash with India. With increasing resource
constraints likely out to 2025 Continue reading

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Emerging Markets Banks #3. Closer look on China and India

Banks are mirrors of the economy. The typical Westerner bank  is a borrower and the typical Asian a saver. Is it that simple? Should EM Banks take the globe or focus at home? This ‘The Economist” article brings an analysis … Continue reading

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Brazilian cinema in Cannes. How is business?

Brazil is modestly represented at the Cannes Film Festival this year. No film in official competition. But producers are there in a 100 meters stand making contacts, with the support of Cinema Brazil, a program created to help export Brazilian … Continue reading

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