Brazilian Nuclear Diplomacy

Brazil, Turkey and Iran Not just any deal will do May 20th 2010 From The Economist print edition Have Brazil and Turkey helped solve a brewing nuclear crisis, or made it worse? TO IRAN’S irrepressible president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the deal was a triumph for the powers of the future over “the tyrant powers [who] belongContinue reading “Brazilian Nuclear Diplomacy”

Worry about Emerging Markets?

As an American and a Westerner, I was interested by this book review by a high ranking economist at HSBC (a bank with heavy emerging market exposure), who argues that the rise of emerging markets are a risk to the West; this is the opposite of Fareed Zakaria’s take in his previous book, The PostContinue reading “Worry about Emerging Markets?”

Will Brazilian economy be contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe?

Brazilian equities are down 11% in 2010, but in the opinion of Regina Nunes, president of – Standard & Poor’s Brazil, the Brazilian economy has grounds to avoid being contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe, affected by the current economic crisis in Greece. The only way  the Brazilian economy could  be contaminated would beContinue reading “Will Brazilian economy be contaminated by the turbulent scene in Europe?”

Billionaire investor Sam Zell to invest in Brazilian real estate

May 20 (Bloomberg) — Billionaire investor Sam Zell’s Equity International is seeking to raise about $500 million to step up investment in Brazilian real estate, betting interest rate increases will fail to stem demand as the economy grows at the fastest pace in two decades. The firm will invest as much as two-thirds of theContinue reading “Billionaire investor Sam Zell to invest in Brazilian real estate”

Brazil has what China wants…

A money manager in Brazil once said to me, “Brazil has what China wants and is willing to sell it.” How much does this summarize the growth of the commodity sector in Brazil? Condemned to prosperity Nov 12th 2009 From The Economist print edition Brazil has learned to love its commodity sector NOT many countriesContinue reading “Brazil has what China wants…”