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Brazilian companies getting more “global” in February

Brazilian companies appetite for investments abroad is growing again. In February, the Brazilian Central Bank index IBD (Brazilian direct investment) hit US$ 4,2 billions.  With this result, Central Bank has already revised its forecasts for the year; now they expects an … Continue reading

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An international Brazilian company is born: Tereos International

An energy and food giant is emerging in Brazil. It is an interesting strategic move of the French company Tereos. The deal represents the merger of its subsidiaries in Brazil, France and Indian Ocean. The new company will be traded … Continue reading

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You were looking for a vehicle to invest in Brazil?

JP Morgan launches a closed-end fund focuses in Brazil. This is the first London-listed vehicle to focus solely on Brazil. In fact, Brazil is the last BRIC to have his dedicated fund. Over the past 17 years, the same stable … Continue reading

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Decoding the DNA of Brazilian Multinationals

In recent years, companies from emerging economies — especially the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) — have challenged the hegemony of multinational giants from the U.S., Europe and Japan in what has been called the “third wave” of … Continue reading

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A week of good news in the tropics

Two indicators of growth made the news this week; household consumption’s expansion of almost 10% in the last three quarters; and the industrial electricity consumption in February was up nearly 11% year over year. This means it is now on … Continue reading

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World Urban Forum starts in Rio

This week, Rio is hosting the Fifth World Urban Forum. For a city where the favelas are the dominant urban paradigma, the concept of urbanity is rather ambiguous. That’s the pessimist view. The optimist would say it is an opportunity … Continue reading

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Interest rates in Brazil are kept flat (whether you like it or not)

Last night, The Central Bank of Brazil kept its benchmark rate steady at 8.75%, against market expectations. It was not an unanimous decision, as five members voted for keeping rates flat while the other three voted for increasing rates by … Continue reading

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